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June 08 Oliver out and about in the Norfolk countryside

  April 08 Elliot diving in Egypt

  April 08 Norwich City girls win the cup

   Feb 08 Helen receives her Counseling Certificate at the UEA

Sept 07  Oliver graduates, on a lovely day mid September at Chelmsford cathedral...

  The new Bachelor of Arts

                   With mum and dad

                                         Waiting to be called

                                                           Helen asks Alan Titchmarsh for a signature for her mum and Alan believes her of course!

   March 07 Colette wearing her backstage makeup whilst working on Les Miz.

   Feb 07 Elliot's off to the palace to collect his DofE Gold Award from Phil the Greek.

   June 06 Colette gets ready for the prom

June 06 Elliot gets his Duke of Edinburgh's Gold award at Sandringham

  Elliot receives his award    Clare Goose

                    The proud M&P with ELB and his DofE

                                     Elliot and his DofE Tutor S Edwards

Helen  The very well endowed church at Sandringham

May 06 Colette in France

On the train with her friends

                     Colette's host Clothilde is wearing pink trousers

Feb 06 Steve & Helen go back to Amsterdam

Steve and Helen with Jack and Annie in Pastini's restaurant

                         Panoramic view outside the restaurant

                                                  The bargain we wished we had brought home

                                                                The view out of the hotel window (The Westerkirk)

August 05 We have lots of days out

The family in Thetford Forest

                        Helen walking in the trees

                                                The herb garret at St Thomas's old operating theatre

                                                                        St Thomas's old operating theatre

August 04 Helen & Steve escape to Barcelona

 Helen enjoying the sun

     The living statues along the Ramblas are famous as is the Catalan preoccupation with the toilet.

              A wonderful almost hidden miniature garden near the cathedral.

                      The crowds at the music and water show at the Placa Espanya on a Friday and Saturday night have to be seen to be believed.

                      As does the 'fire eating' show

                                          So much Gaudi, so little space

                                          The Amazing vaulting in 'La Pedera'

                                         Chimneys on top of 'La Pedera'

                                                    Let me explain!

June 04 We visit Sheringham Park with Lara our exchange student

April 04 Norwich city girls win the cup and Judith scores the winning goal!

  The game was terrifically exciting

            Getting stuck in

                    Judith flying

Receiving the cup for the 1:0 victory

            A fantastic team with their brilliant coach

                      The goal winner

April 04 Colette in Spain

Lara (whose family she stayed with) and Colette

  Lara's family help Colette to celebrate her birthday

         Dolphins in L'Oceanogrfic centre in Valencia

                  The party from the Hewett at the Park Guell in Barcelona

                           Colette framed by a Gaudi mosaic in Barcelona

                                          The old (and new) Roman theatre in Valencia

March 04 Judith at Carrow Rd


December 03 Elliot returns from Russia

  One of the largest uncut gems found by Russian miners.It's about as big as a loaf of bread!

          The amber room in the Pushkin Palace. In in the 2nd World War the Nazis stole 3 of the 4 walls, which were recovered and restored in 1987

                                 Elliot prepares to eat cabbage and beetroot for dinner

December 03 Colette in the Mikado as usual she is the tall one at the back


December 03 Steve becomes Stephanie for the day (With Sheila one of EDA's helpline managers)

November 03 Colette performs in her last BOP Dance Routine


November 03 Colette visits the ww1 battlefields in Belgium

  Hayley and Colette in Belgium

               'Medical centre' in the trenches

                               Sombre Cemetery near the Belgian battlefields


August 03 Oliver, Steve and Helen have fun in Amsterdam

  One of the (shy)  human statues in Dam Square

          The Red light district

                           Sunset on one of the canals

                                             The Heiniken brewery experience

                                                        Even the flowerpots are happy

August 03 The girls go to Switzerland

  The whole Choir outside the chalet

                            Wood carving centre

                                     An inhabitant of the 'Ice Palace'

                                                                     The chalet in the mountains

June 03 Rachael wins a Companion care pet portrait prize and gets in the Evening News

Rachael with her winning picture

                     Rachael poses with the guinea pigs for a press picture

                                                     Rachael's winning picture

June 03 Judith wins the Players Player trophy for the first time

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April 03 Colette in the lake district



         The group from the Hewett school

                         Typical if photogenic example of drystone walling

                                      Looking down on the campsite  (on the right)

  Waterfall & bridge

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April 03 Judith shoots for goal against Catton

March 03 Rachael and Judith's School team win the Norwich 5 a side tournament.

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February 03 Colette takes to the slopes.

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February 03 Elliot gets a new look.

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January 03 The Wensum rises and turns Cow Tower in Norwich into an island.

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November 02  Judith Helping  Norwich City Girls to win 5 - 2 against Salhouse

                football_speed.jpg (26054 bytes)

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September 02 The Bodyworks exhibition in London...

body_horse.jpg (168894 bytes)   A whole horse and man preserved and anatomised!

                body_skin.jpg (89515 bytes)  Fascinated

August 02 in Paris...

moulin_rouge.jpg (152453 bytes) The Moulin Rouge

                giveney.jpg (193494 bytes) Monet's garden in Giverney

                              louvre.jpg (168016 bytes) the Louvre

                                           wildes_tomb.jpg (392202 bytes) Oscar Wilde's tomb

                                                                     tower.jpg (150309 bytes) Under the Eiffel tower

                                                                                       plage.jpg (91460 bytes) The beach by the Seine

March 02  Elliot visits the American 'Wild West'   

grand_canyon.jpg (52348 bytes)  His group at the Grand Canyon

            Mitt_Bute.jpg (21429 bytes) The 'Right Mitt' butte

March 02  Oliver With his new radio controlled racing car

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March 02  Judith Learning to fly in a Norwich City Girls football match.

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Oliver & Elliot August 2001: On the river Thames in our hired narrowboat Thames Crusader:

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Rachael, Judith, Colette and Oliver August 2001: On the river Thames in our hired narrowboat:

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Steve in June 2001 helped take a party of middle school children to London to visit Tower Bridge and the London Dungeon where amongst other interesting horrors they heard how some of the instruments of torture were used.

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In October 2001 we visited the seals at Blakney on the North Norfolk coast, the weather was kind to us and it is a remarkable experience to see these animals in their natural habitat.

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We also hosted some visitors from New Zealand in October 2001: Neville and June Bonnington spent a hectic weekend with us at the beginning of October:

Kiwi_3.jpg (112314 bytes)  Neville makes a presentation to the Lord mayor

Kiwi_2.jpg (121138 bytes) Out on the Norfolk Broads

    Kiwi_1.jpg (89632 bytes) Party Night

For a video clip of the barn dance (1min download, needs Windows media player) click here

Elliot and Oliver March 2001: At Frankie and Bennies on the Riverside:

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Rachael Judith and Dad April 2001: Celebrating the twins birthday:

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Colette April 2001: Looking very relaxed:

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At the Tower of London March 2001: A family outing to see the ravens:

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Family Photo August '99 My how quickly they change!

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Our Guinea Pigs  Sweetpea & Calco joined us early in 2001from another owner who could no longer look after them.  Sadly Sweetpea and Calco have both died, but Checkers a very young guinea pig joined us in May '02. In October two more guinea pigs Toffee and Tufty have arrived. Rachael & Judith both take great care of them and they are a really useful part of our family as between them they keep our small lawn at a perfect height without any effort on our part.  In September 07 Rachael's busy social life meant they were becoming more difficult to look after and they have now moved into a lovely new garden about a quarter of a mile away where they are very happy.

     Checkers, Toffee & Tufty 


Sweetpea & Calco Checkers

November 04 Our two new chipmunks Chocolate and Hobnob arrive. (and following their cannibalistic tendencies soon depart!!! leaving our latest but not wimpy albino, but winter 2006-7 was too cold and not having stored enough food she did not awake from hibernation. We have given up on chipmunks now.



Goldfish In April 2002, Colette became 'mother' to four new fish, two goldfish (salt and pepper) and two comets (bubble and squeak), all of which are over a year old. Sadly in November 04 bubble and squeak left for the great goldfish bowl in the sky!  Later in 2006 the goldfish were passed on to friends of Helen

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Christmas with the Bloomfields 2002

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