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We are always happy to see old and new friends and any of our relatives who are willing to brave the wilds of East Anglia. If you do want to come and see us and you are coming from a long way away we are always happy to put you up, or you may wish to stay somewhere a little more civilised!

~ Bed & Breakfast Accommodation Nearby ~

By the way we have just listed all the nearest hotels but we haven't tried them all and
cannot vouch for them, you might want to check them out on tripadvisor!

Central Hotel (& City Hotel), Riverside Rd  01603 610498

Station Hotel Riverside Rd  01603 611064

Tudor House, Lower Clarence Rd 01603 626426

The William IV,  Quebec Rd  (Telegraph Lane East) 01603 441526

~ Hotel Accommodation Nearby ~

Nelson Premier Travel Inn, Prince of Wales Rd  0870 850 6346

The Oaklands Hotel, Yarmouth Rd   01603 434471

The Lansdowne Hotel,  Thorpe Rd  01603 620302

The Town House (As chosen by Reggie Kray!), Yarmouth Rd  01603 700600

The Premier Travel Inn South (East) Norwich 

Plus many others from the Tourist Information Office 01603 666071
Norwich Area Tourism Agency Accommodation website

Or try this link: www.smoothhound.co.uk to lots of good accommodation
~ Links to a few local websites ~

Thorpe Hamlet ~ Local Website

Visit Norwich

Local Newspapers  EDP  &  EEN

Norwich Cathedral

Norwich City Council website

Norwich City Football Club

Norwich Harmony Ladies Barbershop

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

The Assembly House Norwich

The Norwich Forum

Norwich Webcam

BBC Radio Norfolk

Lionwood Junior (was Thorpe Hamlet Middle School)

Do get in touch, send us an e-mail to

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 This page updated December, 2021