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Steve & Helen,
Thorpe Hamlet,  Norwich,  United Kingdom


Oliver, Elliot, Colette, Rachael & Judith around the UK & the world. 

Welcome to our family website.

We built this website (some people
call it a blog) for three main reasons...

Steve & Helen in Cambodia spring 2012.  Read more here

1) To keep in touch with friends and family who live a long way away (read our blog archive here). 

2) To encourage any other Bloomfield’s [and Bond’s, Alderton’s, Smith’s and other family members] who may be building family trees to make contact and share information. 

3) To save e-mailing large photo files to relatives and friends who can view our archive photo album here.

Well over the years social media has changed the need for our family website and now all the children are making their own way in the world. So now its much more of a photo blog and Steve has added a Street Photography page, a hobby of his for some years.

However circumstances having changed we have now moved to Facebook and are no longer updating this site

This page updated December, 2021