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Steve, Helen, Oliver, Elliot, Colette, Rachael & Judith Bloomfield

We are in the process of building a family tree using a computer based  programme. The programme is 'Gedcom compatible', which means that if you also have a 'Gedcom compatible' programme (most family tree packages are) then it is easy to swap data and information and incorporate it into your own family tree. If your family tree is on paper we would very much like to see a copy.  We currently have parts of our family tree going back to 1790.

We would like to share information with anyone in the families of:

Adams  (Mildenhall and Brandon)
Alderton  (Boxted, Langham and Colchester)
Bloomfield  (Mersea Island, Colchester and Suffolk) 
Bond  (Basildon & East London) 
Culham  (Lavenham ) 
Gerrish  (Swindon) 
Smith  (Chippenham) 

...who may be in any way related and building Family Trees.
Please e-mail us if you would like more information about our family tree.

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This page updated September, 2017