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Steve, Helen, Oliver, Elliot,
Colette, Rachael & Judith

Thorpe Hamlet,  Norwich,  United Kingdom

Welcome to our family website.

We built this website (some people
call it a blog) for three main reasons...

Steve & Helen in Cambodia spring 2012.  Read more here

1) To keep in touch with friends and family who live a long way away (read our blog here).  Read about blogs here.

2) To encourage any other Bloomfield’s [and Bond’s, Alderton’s, Smith’s and other family members] who may be building family trees to make contact and share information. 

3) To save e-mailing large photo files to relatives and friends who can view our photo album here.

Do get in touch, send us an e-mail to...

Sadly we are plagued by e-mail spammers. To prevent them capturing e-mail addresses we have been forced to ask you to retype the e-mail address yourself rather than just click on it or copy and paste it. Please note we only download mail from this address about once a week

This page updated March, 2013